Nested Structure

Manage your project in a sitemap like structure. Each Screen groups its own tasks, discussions, and even other Screens.

Automatic Scaffolding

Kwoosh will structure your website projects automatically given just a url.

A sitemap showing Bean Town Coffee's website in Portland Oregon

Track What Remains

It can be difficult to determine exactly what remains to declare a Screen done.
Screen-grouped tasks let you quickly see what is left and who is responsible.

Monitor Progress

View what everyone is working on and assign tasks to your team.

Split Tasks

Some tasks cannot be completed in a single step. Use Kwoosh to split your large tasks into multiple smaller tasks.

Learn more about Kwoosh Tasks

Save Project Details

Meeting notes are easy to lose in an inbox or a notebook. Use Kwoosh to save important discussions and meeting notes about your project.

Considered Discussions

No more struggling to extract information from a stream of non-stop chat. Use Discussions to give yourself room to dive into the finer points.

A screenshot of Kwoosh showing three discussions: Initial Project Meeting, Kickoff Meeting Notes, and Client Checkin #1
A screenshot of a Slack notification from Kwoosh

Integrates with Slack

Send notifications of activity on Kwoosh directly into Slack

Notification Channels

Select which channel each app should send notifications to.

Simple Pricing

Flat per-user pricing for predictable costs that scale with your business.


We value your privacy. We do not track activity inside or outside our app and willnevershare your information with third-parties.