Building an iOS App with Kwoosh

Sugoi Software is a small software company founded in the Austin, TX. They made their own Mac/iOS apps and do contract programming. Let's explore how they use Kwoosh to manage their software projects.

The Brief

Build an iOS application to track daily food consumption with photos. It should display a single photo for a meal allow users to see an entire week's food consumption at a time. Users can store nutritional value and see daily totals for each type.


Plan For Success

It's easy to waste time trying to figure out what work remains for each screen in your website. After converting your sitemap into Kwoosh you can plan and manage the required work to declare a Screen done.

Track Progress

See what everyone is working on and assign tasks to your team.

Split Tasks

Some tasks cannot be completed in a single step. Use Kwoosh to split your large tasks into multiple smaller tasks.

A screenshot of Kwoosh showing three discussions: Initial Project Meeting, Kickoff Meeting Notes, and Client Checkin #1

Save Project Details

Meeting notes are easy to lose in an inbox or a notebook. Use Kwoosh to save important discussions and meeting notes about your project.

Considered Discussions

No more struggling to extract information from a stream of non-stop chat. Use Discussions to give yourself room to dive into the finer points.


Sugoi Software could breakdown the work into bitesize chunks, deliver on time, and have confidence that no detail was forgotten.