About Us

With over 30 years of software experience, James and Jacob have have worked on software projects across platforms, industries and the world.

It is with this knowledge and experience that we created Kwoosh—to better reflect how modern software is built and maintained.

The Low Down

Together, we have been collaborating on easy-to-use, user centric software for over a decade. We have been featured on the cover of MacWorld magazine, the Apple AppStore, and numerous blogs.

We have now taken everything we've learnt during this time together, and across our professional careers, to produce the project management system for software projects that we wished we had all along.

James Van Dyne

Head of Development—Kanagawa, Japan

James, an American currently living in Kanagawa, Japan, is responsible for the backend of Kwoosh. With a history of working on some of the worlds largest Python powered news websites, internal business systems and iOS/MacOS apps, James brings a wealth of knowledge of backend systems and REST architecture. James actively speaks at conferences about building better software and has authored chapters of a technical book in Japanese.

James Van Dyne

Jacob Wyke

Head of Product—Manchester, UK

Jacob, from Manchester, UK, is responsible for the front-end and DevOps of Kwoosh. With a history of project management, web design/development and server administration, Jacob brings his knowledge of designing, building, maintaining and updating software products.

Jacob Wyke

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